Jen – Let’s move on to something safe; politics. Where do you stand?
Rick – On the shiftiest of shifting sands. Ah, hell, listen, when it comes to politics I’m essentially an agnostic. I believe it exists but have no idea what it’s got to do with me.

Jen – That’s fine, but on the principles-

Rick – Fiscally I can be pretty conservative, business oriented, socially I’m as libertarian as it gets. Anybody can do whatever they wanna do as long as it doesn’t cost me money.

Jen – So you vote -

Rick – Reluctantly but consistently. I’ve voted for Democrats, Republicans, Independents, I’d vote for a horse if I thought the horse would govern the way I’d want him to govern.

Jen – You’d vote for whores?

Rick – No, A ho- nice one. What about you?

Jen – I don’t vote. I figure they’re all liars and hypocrites and jackasses-

Rick – And you’re not much wrong.

Jen – And with only one vote, well, and to be honest I’m a high school dropout, should I really vote?

Rick – Damn skippy. You’re smart, you’re perceptive and you’re opinionated. You’re exactly the right type of person to vote.

Jen – But I’m not educated -

Rick – So only University graduates should vote? Have you met them? Most of ‘em aren’t twerps but enough of ‘em are that-

Jen – C’mon, let’s be fair, most of that is simple self selection. The twerps from high school do well at school and decide to stay in school and go on to college or university. It isn’t the fault of the advanced education.

Rick – And you don’t vote? Seriously? That was perceptive. You should vote, if for no other reason to balance out the twerps. What about your principles?

Jen – Money hasn’t been an issue for a while but when it was it was nice to have help, you know? So I guess I’m more liberal on that issue, and socially pretty liberal though seems not as much as you. But I think I don’t like government’s getting too big, and I don’t think taxes should be high. As to immigration, I think the government has set up some programs that rely on a continuously growing population and if we don’t bring in tons of people we can’t sustain those programs.

Rick – Alright, that’s enough. You ain’t allowed to not vote anymore. I’m driving you down to the polling station next time. You don’t vote? ‘Cause you don’t think you’re smart enough? Don’t think you got things to say? I don’t care that we don’t agree, you gotta vote.

Waiter – Bonjour, ‘ave you ‘ad a chance to look over ze menu yet?

Rick – Howdy, yeah, Jen?

Jen – I’ll start with the house salad with vinagerette, and I’ll have the ribeye, rare, twelve ounces, peppercorn sauce. Baked potato with butter, sour cream and bacon bits, and whatever vegetables you deem necessary to inflict on me on the side.

Rick – Sounds good, make that two.

Waiter – May I suggest for you the soup, monsieur? A shrimp and corn chowder, delicious.

Rick – Yeah, okay, I’m easy.

Jen – Good to know.

Rick – Hah!

Waiter – I’ll be out with your appetizers momentarily, mademoiselle et monsieur.

Rick – His accent comes and goes, you notice that?

Jen – You know, it’s weird but we’ve been talking for hours and you have yet to say anything about how I look.

Rick – Because your hotness is self evident. It’d be like saying grass is green, the sky is blue, Abba sucks donkey-

Jen – Or me saying you’re a jerk.

Rick – Exactly! And you do say that quite a bit come to think of it. And, well, it seemed a bit inappropriate given what you just told me about your history.

Rick – But! I am well aware of how hot you are and how lucky I am to be on a date with you.

Jen – Now you’re just boring me.

Rick – Hah! Good one. Have we been talking a while? Seems like it took the waiter a while to come and take out order.

Jen – Don’t know, lost track of time a while back.

Rick – Me too.

Jen – Huh.

Rick – Huh.