I was procrastinating… sorry, drawing the strip on the couch tonight and I happened to be eating some buffalo jerky… while drawing the strip with my other two hands… and my cat, Cowboy, jumped on my stomach and pretended to be my best friend while loudly demanding some buffalo jerky through incessant purring. It got so loud it drowned out the sound of the TV… sorry, drawing I was doing. Finally I caved and broke off a tiny piece of buffalo for him.

My other cat, Hiro, wasn’t going to put up with that so he came over and demanded some buffalo of his own. This got me thinking; my cats have eaten a lot of different animals. Cattle, chicken, elk, bacon, ostrich, salmon, cod, pork, (my family was raised on a strict meatatarian diet. And yes Bacon is a separate meat group), moose, and – of course – Buffalo.

Cats were not domesticated in the traditional way; they are not herd animals (like cattle, dogs, and horses) wherein we as humans put ourselves in the position of the head of herd. They are individual animals who seem to have adopted us and judging by the food my kitties have eaten they’ve done rather well out of the deal. I mean, when you think about it, how many of those animals could a kitty have disemboweled? Maybe a moose?

Though cats are pretty smart and I have a feeling that if we didn’t exist they would have found a way to eat that buffalo. That’s right, Kitty Cowboys, riding other kitties… no, that doesn’t work, that’s just silly. Let me think…, ah!

Kitty Kowboys riding Kangaroos (that pouch has to have some kind of actual purpose). Hopping up and down the lonely plain as they sing a plaintive song and stray boots get tossed at their heads. Sleeping under the open sky, having beans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lighting their farts for fun and to give the kangaroos some incentive to hop faster. Herding the buffalo from grassland to grassland. Occasionally herding the buffalo off a cliff just to be jerks. Or cats. Kind of the same thing really.

Now, this all makes sense.

The only problem is; how do they put the cowboy hats on with no opposable thumbs?

And thus it all falls apart.


Mmmm. Bacon.