52 weeks. 5 days a week. 260 strips.

That was my goal when I started Dodge the Bullet. Yes, I had a story I wanted to tell, and jokes I wanted to make, and much mockery to be done, but my main concern was just getting the work done. A promise to myself more than anything else. And I did it, but I was left with a question; would I continue? Was there enough here to justify going forward and seeing if Rick Dodge would ever change and become a better man?

A month ago I would have said absolutely. I love writing and working with Rick Dodge. I love his Ma, I’m excited to see where the jokes will come from and how the story will unfold. I still am excited but that excitement is tempered by the realization of just how much work is ahead of me. Where I am is not where I want to be in regards to the artwork but now I can see the path ahead of me.

And yet…,

And yet I spent all week delaying pulling the trigger on renewing my website for next year. Partly it might be the procrastination that my parents might have passed onto to me if they’d ever gotten around to it but the other part was simple reluctance to commit. Why? Because one thing that’s been clear over the course of this first year is that I am not a quick enough artist to maintain 5 strips a week. So how did I do it? By having a very large buffer to begin the year with. A buffer which is now down to one. Some weeks I did five strips, other weeks only three, but most weeks I did four strips.

I can do five a week but I hate the compromises I often make to do that schedule. I want to get better, I want to work at the artwork, and I want Dodge the Bullet to look as good as it can look. So, that’s a long way of saying that I’m going to have to cut back from five strips a week to four.

I apologize if this disappoints anyone out there but I promise one thing: I will not miss one update this year. Not one.

52 weeks. 4 days a week. 208 strips.

The new update schedule will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Why those days? Because the symmetry appealed to me.

Which is a stupid reason I admit.

But what’s the point of being Irish if you can’t be stupid?