Five days a week.

Earlier in the summer I mentioned that Dodge the Bullet would soon be returning to a five day a week schedule and though it took a bit longer than I originally thought Dodge the Bullet will be five times a week (mon-fri) starting on September 10th.

The reason for the delay (besides the fact that it was summer and I was pretty dang busy) was that I wanted to put up a spiffy new website to go along with the extra day of content. The new site will have updated cast pages, updated about page, updated design, and updated logo. Hope you all like it. The plan is to launch the new website on September 10th as well but since glitches can happen I can’t promise that. That week for sure.

Also, I hereby resolve to blog more since it’s been pointed out to me numerous times that I tend to be a little silent and people have told me they like the blog posts. Therefore there will be three blog posts a week, one will be a kind of week in review thing where I talk about the strip, another will be about the media I’ve consumed that week (usually I read a book a week, listen to an album a week and watch at least one movie a week), and the third will be more general stuff like I’ve done in the past. Though, I do not want to go full Dodge on the reviews so if I get a tad negative I apologize in advance.

In celebration/memoriam of the change the last week of four strips will be a little bit of a change of pace: the radio strip as usual on Friday and the other three strips will come together to form Devastator, the most powerful Deceptico – wait, no, that’s wrong. They just come together to form one long strip in three parts.

Thank you for reading,