Last month I was going over the archives and noticed that a lot of the early strips were a bit hard on the eyes. That’s partly the art, but mainly it was the size of the strips themselves. Too long, too narrow, and the font size was too small. I decided that they needed a mild revamp (mild because I really wanted to redraw a lot of panels but I decided that I’d rather draw new stuff than the same stuff so I left the art pretty much as it was). I upped the font size, moved a few things around, resized them, cut out some dead space and now I think they’re much more readable than they were before.

I was just going to do the work and leave it lie but a friend of mine pointed out that some readers might have given up on the archives when they were difficult to read and might appreciate being told they’ve been revamped. That made a lot of sense so here I am letting all of you know that you can now more easily read the earlier strips.

I hope you enjoy them.