That title is not true, I can’t say all that many of the cds I own have no clunkers on them. What I can say is that most of every album is good. Most music is good music. Especially today, so many good singers, so many good bands, so much… fun. I’m not saying today is better than yesterday or that tomorrow won’t be better still but I am saying there’s a lot of great music being created and you don’t have to do much searching to find it.

No Zeppelin now? Cage the Elephant, Wolfmother, Kings of Leon, Killers, White Stripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather, Kamelot, that’s a pretty good front seven right there and I haven’t even gone deep. And all I was trying to do was name rock bands that have had and will again have hits. That have weight, that add to the musical discourse. All great, all worth buying and listening to.

Yesterday I was at the dentist and given the remote for the tv and I put it on the country music channel as the intense pain precluded the option of following a plot narrative (swear to god I nearly broke the dentist’s arm at one point. He put the needle through my tongue and then into my gums, which sucked but was expected. Unfortunately he hit right on the nerve, honestly never felt anything like that and my arm came up reflexively to stop the pain by grabbing his arm, luckily I realized what I was about to do and stopped).

The country music channel played good song after good song and when they switched to the sitcom stuff I switched to the standard music channel. Listened to it for an hour and I have to say I don’t think there was an actively bad song in the bunch. Some I’d rather listen to than others but nothing I’d say was garbage.

In other words; they didn’t play ABBA.

What’s my point? I get frustrated listening to people whose musical tastes solidified and then stagnated when they were sixteen and whatever was big then is what they will listen to for the rest of their lives. And maybe that’s just rock listeners, maybe rap and r n b and country listeners are different and are more open to the new stuff.

Music is now and always has been frickin’ awesome. I’m going to go listen to some right now and it’ll probably be new.

I mean, after I finish listening to It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones.