For the last month or so I’ve been exploring a moment from Rick Dodge’s past, partly to give some explanations and backstory and also to set some things up for the future. Things… which I’m not going to talk about (ain’t I a stinker?).

I really like writing and using Tina in the strip but with her being slightly dead and unable to interact with the non-dead characters I wanted to find a way to put her front and center for a while. Also, I wanted to show just why she and Rick were so right for one another. She busts his chops, but she busts them with love.

In writing the sequence I was surprised by many things; I had no idea she and Ellie got into a drag out fist fight but it made sense in the moment. And it made me laugh.

*an aside if ever something doesn’t quite make sense in the strip to you? It’s probably something that I included because it made me laugh*

I’m going to be using Tina more in the strip (I especially like the way she bounces off of Jen in the last few strips) and I’m definitely going to do more flashbacks.

Rick and Tina’s wedding? Yup. Rick as a three year old? Coming up. Rick in high school? A possibility.

I really enjoy doing these kind of flashbacks and I hope you all enjoy them too.

Thank you very much for reading,