Starting today Dodge the Bullet is going through a bit of a format change. The characters and story remains the same but I’ve decided to add a different kind of strip to the mix. The premise is that once a week, no matter what is happening in his life, Rick Dodge appears on the Dodge The Bullet radio program with his co-host, Jin Rox, and together they will tackle either a new album or a music story or just a celebrity joke I can’t fit in anywhere else.

The reasons for the change are 1. I didn’t feel I was showing you just how much of a jerk Rick Dodge actually is and 2. It was really difficult to work in the music references in the main story and that aspect often got dropped for weeks at a time and I wanted to put it front and center.

Now, the disclaimer:

The views of Rick Dodge do not reflect the views of the creator (that’s me, you can call me Steve. Or Bohunk, whatever you prefer) in any way. In fact said creator (still me) will usually choose to write the joke at a band’s expense without first listening to their CD. Any music Rick Dodge says sucks, may or may not suck. Any artist that Rick Dodge says sucks, may or may not suck. The views of Rick Dodge in no way will reflect the views of the creator (me, Steve) and should not be attributed to said creator (who is me, Steve. How you doing?).

Unless it’s a nasty shot at ABBA.

That’s probably all me (Steve).

But you can call me Bohunk.