And it’s all Sting’s fault. Why? Because he exists is one reason but the main reason is that he has become so irrelevant that he’s not even good for a punchline anymore. Sting used to be huge, used to make interesting music, used to be a ponce who was easy to mock. But now? There’s nothing left to mock. I mean, he comes up with an orchestral/rock/lame cd and I can’t find a joke there? Perhaps it is my fault, most likely it’s mine, okay, it’s all mine. But I’m still going to blame Sting. Suck it, Gordo.

The Disclaimer:

The opinions stated by Rick Dodge in no way reflect the opinion of the writer of the strip (that’s me), the artist of the strip (also me), or the webmaster of the strip (Hi, Ken). Any music Rick Dodge says sucks may or may not suck, any music he professes to like may or may not suck. The only exception being ABBA, who no matter what – will always suck.

Further, this strip is a commentary on the maxim that the longer a thread exists on a forum the more likely it is that someone will call someone else Hitler. Rick Dodge doesn’t wait for pages of slowly devolving name calling to go for the Nazi card, he plays it strong and up front. He’s a bit of a bastard that way.