I think I’m going to stop reading the book I’ve been reading this week. That doesn’t sound like a big deal but for me it is because that hardly ever happens. I read very quickly and so when I find myself in a bad book I just power through it and finish. A habit from when I was a kid and knew books were finite, or at least my access to books was finite. I’ve read a lot of bad books, but more often than not even those bad books have redemptive qualities. I may not have liked them but at least I could see why others could.

The book I’m reading this week is different, not in that I can’t see the intrinsic worth, but in that I have no interest in seeing if I can power through enough of the novel to fall into the narrative and become intrigued. Partly that’s because of the length. In this specific case I thought I was buying a one off book, a complete story and instead I found that it was the second of a seven book cycle. That’s just asking for too much. I don’t see enough intrinsic worth in the book to me to risk liking it enough to read the other six books. I don’t think it’s particularly well written, the characters aren’t very engaging, and the narrative is very overwrought. To me. To my particular taste. I’m not saying the work is worthless, but I am saying the work is worthless to me.

Basically it comes down to the math; I read about 60 books a year and do I really need to read 7 books that I don’t particularly like? That’s more than ten percent. So, I’m walking away now and instead of being out 70 bucks and 7 weeks of reading I am out 10 bucks and one week.

I’m good with that.

As to the book in question; I’m not going to name it. The writer is good and I’ve read work of his that I’ve enjoyed and I don’t feel qualified to make a recommendation.

I mean I could just say it sucked major donkey dung…,

but I choose not to.