I wanted to give you guys five strips this week for two reasons: One; I wanted to do these mirror strips (wherein the actions in one strip is reflected in the actions of entirely different characters in the next strips) and I think they came together really well.

I hope you liked them.

Also, it was a bit of a test for me because I plan to increase the strip to five days a week starting in a few months and I wanted to see if I had the speed necessary.

And I don’t. Yet. As if you couldn’t tell by the fact I only managed four and not five strips this week.

However, I do love doing the radio strips and people seem to like them, so Bonus Dodge on Saturday; this week’s radio strip.

So, there will be five but not.. y’know… on time.

Heh. Sigh.

Ah well.

Thanks very much for reading.

Yours, Steve.