Twice I’ve posted a strip this week with the next day’s date. I have only one explanation; I am a moron. You’d think I’d learn after the first time but no chance.
Partly it’s because I’ve been pretty tired, partly it’s because my wife’s birthday is coming up on Saturday and I think I’m counting backwards wrong, and partly it’s because I burnt my fingers very badly last night.

Though, to be fair, I burnt my fingers because I am a moron. So it sort of just ties back around to the first part. (Note, if you’re unsure if your flat top range is on there are better ways to check than with your fingers. I will, however, admit that that is one ASTONISHINGLY accurate ways of determining whether or not the burner is on).

It won’t happen again.

The incorrect strip dating I mean, the burning fingers? Almost happened again tonight.

Why? Moron.

But you can call me Steve.