I wrote a song. I have no idea why I wrote a song. All I needed was a few lines for this strip. But I couldn’t stop writing and Rot in Hell seems to be an almost real song. Which is weird. I’ve written parody songs but a parody song didn’t seem appropriate in this case. As to what Rot In Hell sounds like. It has a melodic, slow opening verse, a rising second verse with an aggressive drumbeat and some quick guitar licks. The chorus chugs like a Bo Diddley beat and the last verse is more of a reprise, harsh nasty heavy metal kind of thing.

Rot in Hell

By Jennifer Rose and Steve Swanson

1st verse

Poured my heart into song

Buffed the words till they shone

Sang my soul out on stage

My career a battle to wage

With a laugh you said I was wrong

With a sigh you wished I was gone

2nd verse

A lifetime of work was lost in the murk

My songs thrown in the fire

‘Cause you called me a hack

Your death in me did inspire

A need to get back on track

Now I’m out of my cage

And you will burn in my rage


You’re gonna rot in hell

Your soul you sell

Your body a shell

In lies you dwell

The truth I’ll yell

You can go to hell

Now ring that bell

Why don’t you,

Why don’t you,

Why don’t you,

Rot in hell?!

3rd verse

Your face will melt, Your bones will burst

Lucifer will drink your blood to slake his thirst

Needles will burn as they pierce your eyes

Your heart a feast for the lord of flies

My laughter will shake the heavenly skies

Chorus 2x