Recently me and my web designer/internet dude/best friend have been working on updating the site to get ready for some advertising. Basically, we started from the logo.

I loved the first one we had (designed by Ken Staples) but felt it could be stripped down and simplified a bit. From those thoughts sprang the new logo.

Just the title, on one line, and angled to give it a more aggressive look. An oval to subtly suggest a halo and a simple music note to remind readers that this is a strip about music (well, a music critic but still tangentially music related). We went through many iterations of this base model and none really worked until we tried new colors. Gold, again denoting halos, red which both reflects the aggressive nature of Rick Dodge but also is a reminder that if he doesn’t change his ways he is on his way to hell. Tried to work a hand basket in there somewhere but just wouldn’t work.

The fact that the colors are exactly the same as the Calgary Flames is entirely coincidental.

From that logo and those colors Ken has modified the site, making it cleaner and tighter. Everything is front and center, where it should be, the colors and the lack of colors both work together and I think overall it looks really slick. Let me know what you think in the comment box below.

Coming up in the next few weeks will be new cast pictures, many American Idol jokes and the introduction of a new major character.

An exciting time as we race towards the end of our first year and the answer to our central mystery.

Okay technically there is no central mystery but it sounded cool when I typed it.