And finally we come to the central question:

Why did I make Rick Jewish?

I was thinking about Rick’s dad, about the kind of person he would have to be in order to produce a kid like Rick, how he’d have to be a good person in order for his death to devastate Rick to such an extent that Tina believes Rick wouldn’t be able to handle her death, so I came up with all the details I needed to make that work. But I couldn’t see Rick’s Dad’s face. An older version of Rick? Nope. Didn’t work. Rick has the same facial features as his mother; his dad having those same features would be just weird (his mom and dad were not brother and sister in other words). I knew his dad looked different from Rick, so I thought about hair color and the like and nothing clicked, nothing worked, nothing made him stand out as Rick’s dad to me. Around this time I was watching Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and Guy Fieri went to a Jewish Deli in Dallas and that worked against a few other thoughts: Rick continually losing his shirt is a Captain Kirk joke, Shatner is Jewish. And kind of blonde. Then there’s the music connection; Lenny Kravitz is half-Jewish and does not look very much like his father. All of those thoughts came together and I realized that Rick was half-Jewish.

But, you ask, the Heaven Rick keeps going to (three times so far) is apparently the Christian one, so what gives? Well, I can only respond that Saint Peter is Jewish too. So was Jesus. I don’t think Heaven has any borders, nor do I believe it discriminates; the gate is open to all who deserve to enter.

Rick was baptized but raised in a Jewish temple. The only argument Rick’s dad ever won with Rick’s mom. Though, to be fully transparent, the reason Ellie lost that particular argument was because she thought joining a Jewish temple would be a good way to make business contacts.

Anyway, boiling it all down: The Rosensterns will all be back, sometimes in flashback sequences (currently I have two more planned, the first of which will start sometime in September) and sometimes in the main storyline. You will meet Rick’s dad soon.

The funny part of these series of posts: This is about one hundredth of the amount of thoughts, schemes and planning that I’ve done for Dodge the Bullet.

And yet I have absolutely no idea what strip I’m going to do on Monday. Not clue one.
Hopefully a joke will present itself.

If not, I’ll just make some crap up and hope it finds a laugh.