I wish Lindsay Lohan well, I hope her jail experience is not particularly harsh and I hope she reconnects with her talent and stars in some great movies in the future. That being said…, there’s a part of me that used to watch women in prison movies that does not mind her incarceration. I’m ashamed to admit that but I have a sneaking suspicion I’m not the only one who had a momentary Caged Heat Flashback.

As always every Friday I will post strips like this with Jin Rox and Rick Dodge dealing with the music issues of the day. For those who say Lindsay Lohan does not qualify (which I originally thought as well) may I remind you that she once had a kind of/sort of music career? Kind of.

Now the disclaimer; Rick Dodge does not speak for me, he is not my voice, none of the jerky things he might say on any given Friday are my own opinions. Unless he’s making fun of Abba, I probably agree with him completely on those. The views of Rick Dodge are his views alone and are not meant to be representative of my views, or really anyone’s views other than his own. Even though he’s not real and technically only holds the opinions that I give him, so there’s a slippery slope there somewhere but since it’s summer I’m going to pretend the slippery slope is actually a slip’n'slide and so all you’ll hear is me going ‘whee’ while sliding down it.

Feel free to come along.