Some people don’t like ketchup on their hot dogs. Some people don’t like pineapple on their pizza. Some think Chicago style pizza is evil. Some people don’t like Abba. At all. Like, at all. Some don’t like rock music. Some don’t like metal. Some don’t like House (though, to be fair, dude was occasionally a jerk).

This all makes sense. You don’t like ketchup on your hot dogs? Great. Not sure why I need that information but good on ‘yer, buddy. Don’t like pineapple on your pizza. You go, champ. It’s all good. You know what you like and you stick with that. Totally cool. Sure, you might want to try it first, give it a shot and see rather than take it as an article of faith passed down from on high, but it’s your life. It’s your taste. And you’re welcome to it.

You can even disseminate and proselytize for that taste, try to get others to try things the way you like them, even try to convince them your taste is right. Some might even agree with you.

Most won’t. Why? Because they have their own taste. And their taste is even more valid than your taste. I say that with absolute certainty. Not a hint of doubt. Their taste is more valid than yours. Why? Because only they have access to their taste buds. They know what they like because they’re human beings capable of discerning their own preferences.

We know this at our core. No one wants to be lectured while consuming whatever it is they’re consuming (whether it be food, art, or music), no one wants to be told they’re wrong. Especially when they’re not wrong. People taste things differently.

An example. I don’t understand coffee. I’ve tasted coffee, it tastes bad. Smells great. Tastes awful. I’ve tried lots of coffee and it makes absolutely no sense to me. But would I put you down and question your judgement if you liked coffee? Why? Why would it matter to me? You do you. Enjoy. I’m glad it exists for those that like it.

But there are people that push things like that, as if there are ‘proper’ tastes and all ‘proper’ people ascribe to those tastes. You see it with some dudes who push things that they do as ‘manly’, and not just as something they enjoy (if someone can convince you to do something to prove your manliness they just proved you’re not that manly). Like everyone should agree with them. It’s quite odd. People railing against other people’s hot dog toppings? Why? What does it matter to you? If all hot dogs were forced to be condimentized in the same fashion by popular decree and the only way for you to get a hot dog without ketchup is to shame all the ketchup lovers then I’d see it, but as it stands It doesn’t make sense to me.

I’m glad ketchup exists for those that like it on hot dogs, and glad pineapples exist for those that like it on pizza, and glad that Chicago has thick pizza for those you like thick pizza, and glad that Abba exists for those that-nope. Can’t quite pull that off. That’s a bridge too far. Though, in that case my only objection to Abba is that I can’t avoid them. It’s on soundtracks, it’s on commercials, it’s played as muzak in elevators, it’s on radio stations that it shouldn’t be on.

If there was an Abba CD on a pizza? No problem. Easy enough to avoid ordering.

I don’t think it would taste good anyway.

But that’s just my taste, yours could be completely different.

Feel free to eat all the pizzas with Abba toppings you can. I won’t stop you.

Heck, I implore you; eat all the Abba CDs you want.

Might prevent someone from having to listen to them.

Thanks for reading,