Dreams are odd things. I mentioned that my dream was not about doing a comic strip and that’s true and not true at the same time.


Comics are a lot of work. My art wasn’t up to par at the beginning of the strip. Never studied comic how tos, didn’t know very many people who could give me tips so I muddled through as best I could. Starting this strip was almost an accident. It wasn’t my dream. Not my goal. And yet.


And yet I thought about it and realized something; my dream was to tell stories. The fact I’m doing it with art combined with words is still living my dream. Telling stories.
Through Dodge the Bullet I’ve been able to live that dream in a manner different to what I hoped but I still live that dream. Sincerely, I want to thank each and every one of you who have read this strip and helped me to achieve that dream. Without an audience this strip would probably have been abandoned years ago, so thank you for reading.


But what I always dreamed of was writing novels.


Not the Great American Novel, mind you. Partly because I’m Canadian and I’d be at a disadvantage there. And not the Great Canadian Novel either since I’d rather stab myself in the chest and eyes with a sharpened carrot (and I’m talking a really sharp carrot, like overly pointy) than read a Great Canadian Novel, much less write one.


Too serious. Too important. Too much and too little nonsense.


Instead I wrote a novel called Dragon Assassins. A buddy comedy about incompetent eighteen-year-old supernatural hitmen who must battle an ancient evil while hauling around the corpse of a girl they accidentally killed.


It’s meant to be a rocket fueled romp of banter, insults, stupidity, action and a slight dash of heroism. It turned out well and I’m very happy with it.


If you’d like to know more I’ll be talking about it in this space in further detail in the coming days.


Or if you can’t wait till then you can go to thedragonassassins.com for more information.


Or, best option, you can go to Amazon.com. and read a sample.


Thank you for reading (both this strip and the sample, or just this strip, up to you)