This is hard for me to do, I’m a highly critical person who is seldom satisfied and I have a deep seated aversion to listening to a sales pitch but I feel like I need to make something clear.

I love this comic.

I love writing Rick Dodge. I love writing Jen Rose. You would not believe how much I love writing Rick’s Ma. Every month I read over the previous month’s work and while when I’m doing them I think they’re good, when I’m reading them I think they’re great.

A deeply philosophical comic about the nature of criticism and the role of the critic balanced against the morality play that is humanity with an underlying meta-message about the nature of comic strips. That sounds overly complicated, and maybe it is, but I don’t care.

Why? Because I love this comic. I think it’s funny, I think it’s (occasionally) wise, I think it’s (very occasionally) sweet. It is what I hoped it would become when I started drawing it in 2009. And more.

Selling the comic is not what I’m good at, communicating my love for it actually embarrasses me in a way. As if I’m being narcissistic to have such a high regard for my own work. But I know I’m wrong about that. You need to be enthused for your own work if you want others to be enthused.

So I wanted to say this for posterity and I promise to say more of this in the future; I smile when I check the strip the day after uploading, I laugh often when I read it after a month, I like the character designs, I like the cheesecake, I like the insanity of the kids, I like this comic and I’m glad you guys have been so loyal despite my often long stretches of not talking to you.

It isn’t that I’m shy, exactly, though I can be, it’s that I believe the work should speak for itself and I think it can do that. You don’t need to read anything but the strip to understand and enjoy the strip. But this is meant to be read, it’s good enough to be read, it looks nice enough to be read, I have nothing to be embarrassed about, or shy about, and now I’m asking for something from you guys:

Please share this comic, tweet it out, post it to facebook, tell your friends and family, share the link, I want it to get bigger. Not for money reasons, but because I think it should be read. Because it’s good. Really good.

I hope you agree, I hope you like it as much as I do, I hope you share it with friends and family.

And I want to say one thing more as clearly as I possibly can; I sign off every comment and every post with the same thing and for the same reason every time. The words ‘thank you for reading’. And I say that not because I need something to say but because I mean it. Every time. I appreciate you guys.

Normally I make a joke as I end a blog post but I won’t be doing that this time because I refuse to undercut my own message with a self-deprecating joke.

Instead I’m going to end this the way I always have and always will.

With absolute sincerity:

Thank you for reading,