(Excuse me while I touch this live wire)

I am not a religious man, I am not wholly ignorant but (as observant and especially Observant readers) might note; I get a lot of things wrong and am basically just using some pop culture religion stuff combined with my own philosophy to help frame this story.

This is not theology, this is not what I believe, this is a story I wanted to tell but one thing has been bothering me for years and I wanted to explain. Not excuse. Not apologize. Just say my reasoning.

This is not a religious strip. If you’ve read the bible, you know how wrong I get things. Nor is it meant to be anything other than what it is; entertainment with a moral/philosophical message. I mean, I have some mild swear words, a ton of cheesecake, much beefcake, a man disrespecting his parents (especially his mother), violence, and on and on. No excuse, no apologies, it is what it is supposed to be. But not religious.

Some have asked me to market it as a religious strip, market it to Believers, and I’ve never even thought of doing that. I do not think they would object to the message, but the method of delivery? Yeah. I won’t disrespect them by asking for their money and attention. Not that I think most would object to the strip, not at all, I believe most Christians, Jewish people, and such can see beyond the trappings and see a message beneath that they might agree with but it would be disrespectful to ask them to do so. To sell them something that has the trappings of religion, without it being religious, or about religion (it is about morality and religion is concerned with morality but while the two things are related they are not the same) would be disingenuous at best, and dishonest at worst.

I respect most religions, I respect most religious people, I have absolutely no issue with them believing whatever they believe and acting as their conscience and their God instructs them to act. I admire their resolve. Generally I have found them to be good and decent people and I’m happy to live in any community with people like that in it.

Does this declaration mean anything for the strip? Will I tone down the cheesecake? Dress Jen Rose in the original costume I designed for her? Will I no longer have a few swear words? Will I cease taking the Lord’s name in vain? Will Dodge respect his mother? Will the respect I’ve proffered in this post make any difference at all to the content of Dodge the Bullet?


I will not change one word. I believe in the strip as it is and I’m happy with it and the message I’m communicating.

I am not a religious man, and perhaps I shouldn’t have been appropriating religious elements to tell my story because of that fact. But that is the choice I made when I started this strip and it’s a choice I choose to stand behind.

And If I’m wrong, I’ma stay wrong.

Thanks for reading,