Cartooning was difficult for me when I first started drawing this strip, partly because I was out of practice but mainly because when I did draw I would use a completely different, more realistic, more comic book rather than comic strip style. Keeping the odd proportions consistent proved impossible for me so I soon went with the more realistic/heroic proportions I was used to and out of that compromise came the look of Dodge the Bullet.

I think the cartoonish faces with the simplified bodies looks cool. But every now and then I wonder what the cast would look like were they done in my more realistic style. There was nothing stopping me from doing that but it was just an idle thought. Until now.

I’ve done up a version of Jen Rose (because of course I would) and I figured I’d tell you guys about it so you could check it out. And if you’d like you can go to my DeviantArt page and see more examples of my other style.