My wife’s been working on a side project and after nine months that project has finally come to fruition so I’m very happy to announce the birth of my second son and third child, Quillan Dwight. His name was easy. It was literally a five minute search after my wife asked me to look for a good name. I looked up Irish names, noticed that I’d never looked at the Q’s for my first son, looked at them skeptically and then my eyebrows raised and I asked what she thought of Quillan. She liked it. I liked it. We were done.

My daughter Eloise’s name was much more difficult. Why? Because of Dodge the Bullet. She wanted to name our daughter Adelaide. I didn’t. She really wanted to. I thought we were tempting fate. I thought if we named her Adelaide then she’d turn out to be a beautiful blonde haired, blue-eyed, hooligan, who stretched the rules past the breaking point and I didn’t want to risk that and tempt fate. So we went with Eloise.

And ended up with a beautiful blonde hair, blue-eyed, hooligan who stretches the rules past the breaking point. But! With the name Eloise.

Totally different.

Thanks for reading,