Rick’s sister. Hotter than him. Smarter than him. With tons of talent, tons of charisma, and a fun personality.

What’s her point in the story? She exists to stand in relief with Rick. She’s at least his equal but can never be what Rick is.

Why? Because of drive. Because of anger.

She grew up in a good home with good parents. She was a superstar at school both academically and athletically. Parents had money. She was loved. She was accepted. She was supported.

Which is why she can’t be Rick. At least not in the artistic sense. And not in the focus sense.

Rick saw music as the savior of his family. His gambling-addicted father and his money-grubbing mother couldn’t be counted on but if he found the music then his family could be saved and kept whole. He has anger issues. Crimson fury at the core of his soul.

He has to be the best. He cannot accept anything less. The best guitarist he can be. The best singer he can be. The best critic he can be. The best father he can be.

The best.

The best.

His center is drive and ambition. He hides that, he’s uncomfortable with that, but he can’t help himself. He must. That’s why Jen is perfect for him; she can push him and show him how to be better. How to push. How to grow. And since that’s at his core SHE is at his core.

But Geri? Is perfect.

And knows it.

She tries as much as she’s able. Focuses as much as she’s able. But in the end she can’t tunnel vision on one thing like Rick can and does. If she put everything into Javelin? She’d have won gold and not silver. Modelling? She’s got the looks to get famous on her merit and not Dodge’s last name. Science? She is a genius but she doesn’t study, doesn’t focus, and doesn’t drive. She does not have the nearly pathological obsession that theoretical physics almost needs at the level at which she can operate.

She cannot be Rick.

What she can be? Happy. Satisfied. Complete and whole.

She is perfect in herself and because she is perfect she can never grow to fulfill her potential. She can’t reach perfection because she’s already perfect.

Rick was broken and had to rebuild himself. Couldn’t trust anyone so has to test people to see if he can trust them. Had to push to keep it together.

Geri was never broken, never struggled, everything came easy for her. Not that she was given anything but she never had to learn to go beyond.

Happiness and fulfillment comes easily to her because it’s something she’s always had but for Rick it’s been a fight. Because of that fight he’s grown stronger.

That’s why, story-wise, I introduced Geri; to show why Rick was greater than the sum of his talents.
Oh, and interesting fact?
Geri looks like a 21 year old Brooklyn Decker with more bounce to her step. More attitude to her movements.
Rick looks like a 27 year old Chris Hemsworth with slightly more definition in the face.

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