To Dodge the bullet is to avoid a serious problem.

Rick Dodge is that problem. A music critic so vile and so nasty that the music world
cheered when he was shot ten times by Michael Bolton.
Not wanted in heaven, not wanted in hell,
he can only do one thing to find a place in the afterlife: Become a better man.

Redeem himself in the eyes of god and his heavenly parole officer. Earn a spot in the
clouds. The only problem being he sees no need to change. By his lights he is right
and has no reason to apologize, to atone for his actions. And if he’s wrong he’ll stay
wrong and deal with the consequences.

Dodge the bullet is about family, about insults, about the critical culture that has come
to define an era. About one man’s avoidance of accountability.

Plus; fart jokes.

Okay…, no fart jokes.



Creator of DODGE THE BULLET, Steve Swanson is an avid reader, productive writer
and long time artist. He began reading comics at the age of five, and started drawing
at the age of ten. He wrote his first novel by the age of seventeen.

As an artist, he works mostly in pen and ink and just recently began using computer
graphics programs to draw and paint. He has created the covers for
‘the Okal Rel Universe Anthology 2’ and the 2008 edition of ‘In Places Between’.

As a writer, Steve is an active member of the Imaginative Fiction Writers Association. He has written and starred in their annual radio plays and also stars in IFWA’s popular popculture parodies such as ‘Phantom of the Space Opera’. He has been published
in the mystery short story magazine ‘Hard-Boiled’ in the United States.

Steve currently lives in Airdrie, AB. (where he grew up) with his wife Danielle
and his two cats Hiro and Cowboy.